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H2 Payroll simplifies your payroll and compliance activities.

Why use spreadsheets when you can use a payroll software for Philippine companies?

  • H2 Payroll is designed for the Philippines payroll regulation: minimum wage; holiday pay; different OT rates prescribed by the Government (DOLE).

  • H2 Payroll integrates with most banks in the Philippines.

  • H2 Payroll generates reports and files which enables easy compliance to the requirements of SSS, BIR, Pag-Ibig and PhilHealth.

Timekeeping and Payroll Solution

Set-up your employees work schedule and then, generate attendance report automatically. Let the software handle the matching of employee time record and their work schedule.
  • Connects with almost all biometric devices.
  • Straight thru processing from biometrics to Timekeeping, then to Payroll.
  • Supports compressed work week and individual employee work schedule.

"Enjoy hassle-free payroll processing with accurate timekeeping and say goodbye to payroll discrepancies for good!"

Employee Self Service

Employees can use the Employee Self Service Module for a variety of purposes, such as to view their pay-slips or pay data. 


Employees  can even check their leave balances, to file overtime requests, or to monitor their own attendance.

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