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Cloud Payroll

H2 Cloud Payroll is easy to deploy and ensures that setup can be done immediately.

Customers can benefit from a secure and scalable architecture without having to go through complex and time consuming software and hardware installations.

No Capital Cost
No Maintenance Cost

No investment required for software and computers. No support and upgrade required for the computers.

Always the Latest Version of the Software

With H2 Cloud Payroll, clients are always on the latest version of the software.

Anytime Anywhere

Users can conveniently access our  software anytime and anywhere.

Provide Centralized Information

H2 Cloud Payroll captures and provides information of each employee's entire employment life cycle at a touch of a button. With a central system of records containing all present and historic information about active and non- active employees.

Accurate Reporting 

With H2 Cloud Payroll, organizations are assured of accurate reporting. With access rights and an approval authorization process, errors of duplication and fraudulent errors are eliminated.

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